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We know that in this fast-moving, data-driven world, customer interaction is more important and more complex than ever before. Brought to you by Communisis, an OSG company, the go. suite of services is designed to ensure customer communications are accurate, personalised and automated– building stronger customer relationships, loyalty and trust. Welcome to go.

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Our platform

Communisis’ end-to-end customer communication solution is underpinned by go. – a platform that delivers fully managed customer communications to meet all your challenges, whether print or digital. Our inbound, outbound and evolve suite of services manage all your communications in a way that truly enhances quality and process.
The platform includes the following solutions:
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How go. works

We know that your customer communication requirements are far from simple, and that different businesses have different needs. The go. platform draws on Communisis’ extensive digital capabilities and vast experience of delivering print services – combining them in a single platform working across all of your inbound and outbound communications. However, as a modular service, you can also select the solutions to meet your specific needs, and add more later.

The platform uses securely stored business intelligence processes to analyse the information flowing through the go. system, generating insights to continuously improve your business’ services.

Modular service

Choose the service or services that will resolve your most critical business issues – and add more at any time.

Secure archives

All records of your customer interactions across multiple channels are stored in go.vault, keeping your data secure but accessible when you need it.

Why go?

We’re trusted by many of the world’s biggest brands to design, create and deliver highly effective, integrated communications through multiple channels. Let go. manage all of your customer communication activities in a safe and trusted environment, so you can focus on growing your organisation.
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