Our solutions

Our solutions

Communisis’ go. platform offers an end-to-end customer communications solution, but, because the service is modular, you can pick and choose the services your business needs.
Explore how our go. services can support your communication needs:


Our inbound communication services capture, analyse, prioritise and action human-generated content in any format – from emails to scanned handwritten documents. Discover its ability to augment human intelligence and optimise your team’s time and skills.
Customers expect fast, comprehensive and personalised responses to their queries and complaints. Whichever channel they flow through, go.engage helps to create an enhanced customer experience – earning and retaining trust and driving revenue growth.

Choose go.engage to:

  • Understand the meaning and intent of content using advanced artificial intelligence

  • Analyse sentiment and prioritise communications

  • Match with your records to verify and enrich cases

  • Trigger automated responses or escalation to human colleagues for more complex cases – thereby augmenting human intelligence

  • Reduce costs; reduce the time to resolution; increase employee productivity


Our evolve suite of preconfigured services helps you address some of the more day-to-day challenges in communicating with customers – such as billing, document creation and the print and distribution of hard-copy communications. Evolve streamlines process while enhancing customer experience.
Our user-friendly and efficient ebilling service helps improve your cash flow – as well as providing new opportunities to enhance customer communications.

Choose go.bill to:

  • Transition customers onto electronic invoicing

  • Make it easier for customers to pay their bills faster

  • Reduce printing and postage costs

  • Personalise your invoices to improve customer engagement

  • Promote new services and products on your invoices to increase revenue opportunities (this assumes customer opt-in)

Create one-time, personalised customer communications – with less manual effort, cost and risk. Our streamlined, enterprise-grade solution can be used in the office, at home – or on the move.
Choose go.hybridmail to:
  • Outsource the printing and mailing of local communications

  • Use employee time more efficiently

  • Consistently manage quality and costs

  • Bring the power of the office to remote working

Transformation and composition services that create high-impact communications to provide outstanding customer experiences.
Choose go.compose to:
  • Reduce costs through decreasing contact centre traffic by delivering communication that is easier to understand

  • Increase sales by improving customer loyalty through delivering more personalised and appealing communication

  • Enhance brand perception with better-designed and consistent communications

  • Allow business users to create content without the need to involve IT resources


Deliver customer communications to any recipient, through multiple print and digital channels, with our outbound solutions. Benefit from near-real-time two-way customer conversations orchestrated by go.
This multi-channel approach enables two-way conversations with your customers in near real-time.
Use the latest technologies to communicate with your customers through their digital channels of choice. Manage complex requirements and preferences, quickly resolve issues and improve customer experience.

Choose go.message to:

  • Serve multiple digital channels through one business messaging service

  • Deliver communication via SMS, Email, RCS and other business channels such as Apple Business Chat

  • Create two-way conversations and automate business processes that can run entirely on your mobile device

  • Digital business messaging services deliver greater engagement from customers and are more likely to initiate a response

Make sure the communications your customers receive are as streamlined as your digital ones – even at high volumes. Benefit from Communisis’ print expertise and ability to ensure business continuity.

Choose go.print to:

  • Provide specialised print for transactional documents,  direct mail and secure documents such as cheques

  • Track every printed item from production to postage – monitoring at each stage and rapidly fixing any production issues

  • Ensure that every job, regardless of size, goes through the same level of quality assurance

  • Auto-enclosing jobs as small as just two packs

  • Benefit from the very latest print technology through our continued investment program

go.communicate manages the whole process of ensuring that the right communication is delivered through the right channel to the right customer and at the right time.
It combines the vast experience that Communisis has in printing and delivering paper documents with the latest digital outbound communication channels.
Choose go.communicate to:
  • Address any outbound customer communication need, whether digital or physical
  • Manage the entire end-to-end process from receipt of customer data to the delivery of communication via the channel of choice
  • Provide omni channel orchestration to define which outbound channels to use and when
  • Utilises go.message for sending digital communication
  • Utilises go.print for sending physical communication

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